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     The Characters


A “would-be-if-he-could-be” rock n’ roller. This out of work echidna is a tire-less protesting peacenik, environmental defender and tone deaf musician. He’s a cheerful battler who rarely wins but never quits.

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The original larrikin and party animal. He’s always a jump ahead of the rest ... but with his feet that’s easy.

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A solo parent and father of Spud. He HAS to laugh or he’d cry!

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A pelican of many hats...barman, shop-keeper, waiter...he’s in any opportunity that pays.

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Not just a potato head, more an entire fruit salad, either this kid is naive or he’s just pretending.

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This galah is every employee‘s nightmare– Mr Hyde one minute and Mr Hyde the next!

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The original wingless muddled emu, Frank needs a psychiatrist... but can’t make the flight.

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This mixed up marsupial is a platypus who enjoys the odd drink... the odder the better.

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Bruce is a koala who wholeheartedly endorses the women‘s movement ....after all, it means less work for HIM!

Katy is the dynamic and independent career woman who‘s only handicap is her husband.

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A Wombat who thinks a T– shirt is a fashion statement no matter what’s printed on it. A fellow who is obviously a few sheep short in the top paddock.

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