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Did you know that Beyond the Black Stump has the most loyal readership following of all cartoons featured in Australia's largest circulating newspaper?

Yes that’s right! According to an independent Omnibus study conducted by McLean Carr Research, Beyond the Black Stump's zany Australian bush characters are captivating The Courier-Mail’s readership audiences at a greater frequency than any other strip. Are your readers missing out on Beyond the Black Stumps’s witty reflection of everyday life in the Australian outback?

Beyond the Black Stump can be supplied and featured in three formats:

1. As a regular strip in your publication’s cartoon section, website, intranet or e-zine.
You nominate the frequency (daily, weekly or monthly etc.). Monthly batches of cartoons are distributed to all subscribing publications via email (black and white or full colour).

Comics can also be provided through an RSS feed. Click here to access a demo RSS Feed.

2. As a three deck weekly Sunday Panel.

3. As a one-off strip to visually complement specific feature stories, websites or e-zines. Cartoons are categorised by topic and can be ordered as-needed. Topic categories include: Parenting, Relationships, Leisure, Recreation, Health, Environment, Education, Work and others.

Cartoons are priced according to subscription frequency and the publication’s circulation.

Beyond the Black Stump has eleven main characters and numerous subsidiary characters to attach to licensee’s products. Contact us for more information.

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