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Herald Sun runs Beyond the Black Stump!

On May 23rd of this year "Beyond the Black Stump" went daily in full colour in "The Herald Sun" in Melbourne.

It had already featured every Saturday in black and white as the weekly 3 deck strip but now it's Monday to Saturday in full colour for Floyd and the gang!

SOMETHING is going on.....

Beyond the Black Stump is now published Australia-wide in papers ranging from The West Australian in Perth through to The Adelaide Advertiser, The Canberra Times, The Melbourne Herald Sun, The Sydney Sun Herald, The Brisbane Courier-Mail and numerous regional and community newspapers. Beyond the Black Stump was first published in 1988 in The Courier-Mail and it has grown to become the country's most popular Australian comic strip.

Situated beyond the mythical Black Stump, somewhere in the dead-centre of Australia, a motley group of Aussie animals deal with the comic frustrations of contemporary life as they battle heat, drought, floods and flies. They also struggle with crashing computers, perpetual long weekends through unemployment, the battle of the sexes, errant shopping trolleys, poor restaurant service, megalomaniac bosses, unpalatable health food fads, automatic teller machines, wagging school, environmental disasters, the mysteries of personal finance, the pitfalls of parenthood, and grassless golf courses just for starters...

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